nadsat glossary


T he nadsat glossary is a rough compilation of the slang the droogies use in the movie. it's sort of a cross between russian and brittish slang. meaning us americans definately need a glossary. wtf does bollocks mean anyway?

*NOTE: these terms are taken from the book by: anthony burgess


A-d d-h h-m m-p p-s s-v v-z main

nadsat term
nadsat term
pooshka "cannon"
sammy generous
prestoopnik criminal * sarky sarcastic
privodeet to lead somewhere scotenna "cow"
* pretty polly money shaika gang
prod to produce * sharp female
ptitsa "chick" sharries
pyahnitsa drunk shest barrier
rabbit work, job * shilarny concern
radosty joy * shive
raskazz story shiyah neck
rassoodock mind shlem helmet
raz time * shlaga club
razdraz upset shlapa hat
razrez to rip, ripping shoom noise
rock, rooker hand, arm shoot fool
rot mouth * sinny cinema
rozz policeman shazat to say
sabog shoe * skolliwoll school
sakar sugar skorry quick, quickly

* = NOT a russian term