nadsat glossary


T he nadsat glossary is a rough compilation of the slang the droogies use in the movie. it's sort of a cross between russian and brittish slang. meaning us americans definately need a glossary. wtf does bollocks mean anyway?

*NOTE: these terms are taken from the book by: anthony burgess


A-d d-h h-m m-p p-s s-v v-z main


nadsat term
nadsat term
ded old man forella "trout"
deng money gazetta newspaper
devotchka girl glazz eye
dobby good gloopy stupid
* dook trace, ghost * golly unit of money
domy house goloss voice
dorogoy dear, valuable goober lip
dratsing fighting gooly to walk
* drencrom drug gorlo throat
droog - friend (ie: my droogies) govorett to speak or talk
* dung to defecate grahzny dirty
dva two grazzy soiled
eegra game gromky loud
eemya name groody breast
* eggiweg egg gruppa group
* filly to play or fool with * guff guffaw
* firegold drink gulliver head
*fist to punch * gulliwuts guts
* flip wild? * hen -korm - chickenfeed

* = NOT a russian term