nadsat glossary


T he nadsat glossary is a rough compilation of the slang the droogies use in the movie. it's sort of a cross between russian and brittish slang. meaning us americans definately need a glossary. wtf does bollocks mean anyway?

*NOTE: these terms are taken from the book by: anthony burgess


A-d d-h h-m m-p p-s s-v v-z main

nadsat term
nadsat term
nachinat to begin
osoosh to wipe
nadmenny arrogant otchkies eyeglasses
nadsat teenage * pan-handle erection
nagoy naked * pee and em parents
* nazz fool peet to drink
neezhnies underpants pischcha food
nochy night platch
to cry
noga foot, leg platties clothes
nozh knife pletcho shoulder
nuking smelling plenny prisoner
oddy knocky lonesome plesk splash
odin one * plosh to splash
okno window plott body
oobivat to kill podooshka pillow
ookadeet to leave pol sex
ooko ear polezny useful
oomny brainy * polyclef skeleton key
oozhassny terrible pony to understand
oozy chain poogly frightened

* = NOT a russian term