Analizing A Clockwork Orange:

A look at it all from your humble web narrator, TheDroog...Tony Shofestall.

This is what I get from the movie and how I get it.. enjoy...I know I did.........

Ok. So theres a young man. A bit of a hooligan: Raping, pillaging, mugging, beating, lying, killing. Not what you would call an upstanding citizen. So that's where Mr. Politician comes in. Raising fuss about his campaign to rid the world of violence and crime. Their pride and joy is none other than our humble narrator..Alex Delarge. Hopefully by this point in your life you've seen the movie so I'll spare you the lengthy summary and just give you my 2 cents.

First of all...Fuckin government. Damn you. Who the hell gives these ppl the right to think they are so above all that it is thier duty to decide and design our values, lives, and fate. Cause that's not what I signed on for ladies and gents. They administer torture basically to alex. Impeding his freedom more than a prison, and more than a cage. They take away his very individuality. They deem him a bad egg right? Of course nobody's perfect and "no", people shouldn't have to live in fear. "Yes", maybe alex was taking away other's freedom. But who the hell are they to think they have this "divine power" over us everyday contributers?

I think listining to alex would get them somewhere--- understanding him.--- trying to get through to him. They called it torture in the end-- and torture it was.Torture is not the answer. Nothing was solved. all they created was an illusion. That's all they create is illusions..... anyway..... So they spend millions of taxpayer's money basically on publication of politics and illusions of national reform. It's society; the allmighty number's. the ones who are simply, "not you". Their way of thinking is right up there with alex's. Alex was 15 in the book. 15! and they torture this boy nearly to his death. "Yes" it's a movie but this happens today too. A kid pulls a crime and he's in prison from age 14 to age 70. The way crime is punished and they way "degenerates"(for lack of a better word) are treated is terrible. I'm not trying to defend murderers or hardcore criminals here. I'm putting down they way society handles them. and the ones I am outrightly defending are the kids. like alex. Ousted and ostrisized by society and deemed unworthy to be "humizided" as they would say. With all this way of thinking, this social confine...I think it's a lonely world.

As for the movie you ask? It gives you a perfect representation of this behavior at any given time in any given government. The moral to me is obvious. You can't change a person, a person's views, or a person's actions with violence, raw restraint, science, confinement, drugs, or any other thing they'll push on you. People don't change. Just yours and their illusions do. Understanding; Learing; Realizing; Those are the keys to our youth's minds. Not shoving our ideals down thier throats till they choke on it; but rather understand where they come from. And help them to where they're going.

There's one thing I really want you to think about and post in the forum: What do you think becomes of Alex after the movie ends?

-----This rant brought to you by the organizations impeding us to be who we are. Because without them, none of these ideas would be possible or needed. So "Thanks you fucking assholes" :)----